About us

Sandra and Justin both grew up right here in Aruba and from their teenage years
have been passionately working in the tourism industry until finally in December of 2021
they decided to branch out on their own and start Paradise Vacation Rentals Aruba.

Sandra inherited her Father’s artistic abilities and was actually Aruba’s Caribbean
Queen for her design of popular purses made from used cigar boxes and other works of
art! She also has several paintings on display in several of their homes along with her
special interior design touch! To help professionally develop her talent for interior
design, she has taken several different courses in Toronto, Canada.

Justin was a graduate in Hospitality & Tourism Management and actually worked in
several director positions in different Resorts right here in Aruba. Due to this, his
knowledge of running successful hotels more than translates into the vacation home
rental sector! He was nominated twice for the island wide prestigious Shoko Award for
“Young Professional” and “Sustainability Champion”. Working in the Resorts has also
blessed both Justin and Sandra with a lot of contacts and knowledge in the industry that
can definitely benefit you, your vacation and your property!

Sandra was public relations manager for both Wine and Dine and RIU Palace Aruba
for a combined 17 years of experience! She has made so many memorable vacations for
tourists from around the world that they had to include a concierge services as part of
their scope! Hence, the idea of whatever, whenever was born! She specializes in
proposals, romantic dinners, unique sunset experiences, picnics and can even plan
whole trips that includes different activities and dinner reservations throughout your

Needless to say both Sandra and Justin have the qualifications and right attitude to
ensure that you have a most wonderful vacation! Also, if you are looking for a property
management company that cares about your investment and can actually provide you
with REAL expertise than Paradise Vacation Rentals Aruba is definitely right for you!

“Our objective is to create and offer unique properties, providing above expectation accommodations and services that become a memorable part of your very important vacation experience!”